SSH connect without password

To setup password-less authentication for ssh on Visual Studio Code, perform the following steps.

These examples assume the following (replace with your actual details)

Host: myhost
Local User: localuser
Remote User: remoteuser
Remote User Home Dir: remoteuserhome
SSH Port:  22

I'm using a Mac so Windows will be a bit different but the basics are the same

Tell VS Code and your machine in general how you will be connecting to myhost




Host <myhost>
  HostName <myhost>
  User <remoteuser>
  Port 22
  PreferredAuthentications publickey
  IdentityFile "/Users/<localuser>/.ssh/keys/<myhost>_rsa"

Next generate a public and a private key with something like OpenSSL

ssh-keygen -q -b 2048 -P "" -f /Users/<localuser>/.ssh/keys/<myhost>_rsa -t rsa

This should make two files:

<myhost>_rsa        (private key)
<myhost>    (public key)

The private key (_rsa) can stay in the local .ssh folder

The public key ( needs to be copied to the server ()

I did it with FTP but you can do it however you wish but it needs to end up in a similar directory on the server.


There is a file on the server which has a list of public keys inside it.


If it exists already, you need to add the contents of to the end of the file.

If it does not exist you can use the and rename it to authorized_keys with permissions of 600.

If everything goes according to plan you should now be able to go into terminal and type

ssh <remoteuser>@<myhost>

and you should be in without a password. The same will now apply in Visual Studio Code.